The Valley Beyond

The Valley Beyond


Uncover the secrets of The Valley Beyond, where danger lurks beneath the beauty of Alaska

In the vast wilderness of remote Alaska, wildlife photographer Jeff Koehler embarks on a perilous journey to photograph rare hybrid bears in a hidden valley.  He has no way of knowing how the murder of an old man in a remote Alaskan cabin is about to change everything.

As Jeff seeks the hidden valley, he is pursued by a ruthless international poaching ring that will stop at nothing to achieve their nefarious goals.  Danger lurks everywhere, but Jeff is aided by a determined Native Alaskan boy and his dog, whose quest to find his grandfather intertwines with Jeff's own.  Meanwhile, back home, Jeff is unaware of his role in the life-altering challenge his love interest, Dr. Carrie Cunningham, faces.

Jeff's life and the survival of the hybrid bears are at stake unless he can solve the murder and thwart the poaching ring led by a mysterious villain.

The Valley Beyond is a gripping mystery/thriller where survival, loyalty, and the untamed Alaskan wilderness converge in a tale that will leave readers breathless.