Book Cover for The Landman

The Landman


A Jeff Koehler Novel Book One

Sometimes evil lurks in hidden places

Welcome to Roads End, the remote Michigan hunting camp where acclaimed wildlife photographer, Jeff Koehler, is about to embark on a mind-boggling mystery.  The start of the whitetail deer season resembles a national holiday in Northern Michigan.  During the annual hunt, when the camp is bustling with hunters, one of their own fails to return following the day’s hunt.  The hunters discover the dead body partially frozen, face down, in the snow-covered forest.  The medical examiner rules it a death by natural causes, but facts emerge, causing Jeff to question the findings.  The sheriff’s case is going nowhere, and Jeff feels compelled to get involved, aided by his colorful cast of friends.

As he digs deeper, Jeff finds that suspects are many, but answers are few.  Nobody is above suspicion, and his pursuit of the truth leads him to encounters with friends, family, and foes alike.  Meanwhile, he’s also grappling with growing feelings for the town’s new doctor, Carrie Cunningham, adding another level of complexity to an already tangled web of intrigue.

But just when Jeff seems to hit a dead end, a break in the case emerges and reveals there are bigger pieces in play here, something sinister that needs to be stopped before it’s too late.