That Hunting Camp Book Cover

That Hunting Camp

Published: 6/28/2021

In 1939 Louis Friedrich acquired a large tract of land in Northeastern Michigan and built a hunting cabin on the property that he named Singing Hills.  Three generations of Friedrich family members have created extraordinary memories and friendships while enjoying the solitude that only this captivating property can provide.

In this memoir, join the author on a journey of over 80 years, from the original camp founding in 1939 through the present.  Learn about the many colorful characters that have graced the camp over the years, and how this rural hunting camp has touched the life of the author as well as so many people.  Hear the rich tales from days past and present about poachers and pranks, bears and bucks, and even voices from the great beyond.

“That Hunting Camp” captures the men and deeds that made this hunting camp special.  Journey back to the days past knowing that the story is not yet over and the best days of Singing Hills are yet to come.

"Settled in for a very cozy and pleasurable read, and surprised and impressed to discover, among many other things, where the book's title came from. It is very clear how special this place is, and rightfully so, to forming the life of the author."
— Thomas Tosh

"If only the walls could talk at Singing Hills."
— Lamb206

"It’s clear that the author is a great steward of the land. His personal stories of family and of how the land was passed down over the generations, is inspiring. It’s more than a ‘hunting’ book, it’s a testament to how the author endured hardships at an early age."
— MarshTrimp