Book Cover for Dad, The Camp is on Fire

Dad, The Camp is on Fire

Published: 5/23/2022

Stories Told and Lessons Learned over 80 Years at a Michigan Deer Camp

When a Michigan deer camp has been around for more than 80 years; you can bet there are lots of humorous stories and lessons learned.  Following the success of his first book, That Hunting Camp, author and outdoorsman Bill Friedrich is back at it again with a second installment of funny tales and lessons learned at his Michigan hunting camp.  The stories run the gamut from the earliest days of the deer camp back in 1939, to the present.  The delivery is light and humorous in a style that will not allow you to put this book down. 

Pull up a chair in front of the fireplace and read amusing stories like: “A Mouse Ran Up My Shorts,” “Everyone Hates Bill,” and The Guys You Meet at Every Deer Camp.”

Throw another log on the fire and learn lessons like: “Sometimes Dumb is Smart,” “It’s Deer Food and You’re Not a Farmer,” and “Think Backwards From the Shot.”

Finally as you close the book and the last embers of the fire are about to expire, you will understand how a hunting camp can be a source of lifelong learning, laughter, and memories.

"Reading it sparks memories of outdoor adventures with those closest to you partaking in Michigan's glorious Autumn. I recommend this book to hunters and non-hunters alike!"
— Stephen Santoro

"I can almost smell the wood smoke wafting from the smoke stack and taste the venison jerky. Unfortunately, I can also nearly smell the farts and old socks as well!"
— Alicia Konecny

"If you have never experienced camp life, this book will have you wanting to find one. If you have, you will be constantly putting names of those in your camp to those Bill references from his and find yourself putting yourself in his shoes as he describes his adventures!"
James Hill